Fulton PA Democrats

Basic Info

General Election for PA

Election will be held November 3

Our County Chair: Carolyn Kligerman, mckligerman@gmail.com, (717) 331-3349

Normal Meeting Schedule (regularly scheduled meetings currently on hold, due to pandemic):
Committee Meetings (monthly) - 7 p.m, Third Thursday of each month, for more info, call: 717-491-9281

Club Meetings (monthly): 7 p.m., Second Tuesday of each month, for more info, call: 717-485-3386


121 South 2nd Street
McConnellsburg, PA 17233


State Level Endorsements for Fulton County

  • Auditor General - Nina Ahmad
  • Attorney General - Josh Shapiro (Incumbent)
  • Joe Torsella - Treasurer

National Candidates

  • President - Joe Biden
  • PA 13th Congressional District - Todd Rowley

  • Sample ballots for Fulton County are not yet available for the General Election

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1 year ago
Nick Hanauer

Coming to a theatre near you– the price for rising inequality is $50 trillion (yes, trillion with a "t") out of the pockets of everyday people and into the hands of the ultra–rich.

1 year ago
What is the Trump administration’s track record on the environment?

Today's Swamp Creature: Andrew Wheeler

The current head of the EPA is Andrew Wheeler, a former coal industry lobbyist. Trump's first pick for the EPA was Scott Pruitt, whose tenure was embroiled in ... See more

Samantha Gross compares the Trump administration’s record on environmental regulation to proposals laid out by Joe Biden.

1 year ago
In ‘Power Grab,’ Health Secretary Azar Asserts Authority Over F.D.A.

Today's Swamp Creature, Alex Azar

Our nation's capital is occupied by more swamp creatures than ever before. So much for "promises kept".

Today's focus is on Alex Azar, Trump's pick for Secretary ... See more

Experts said the memo would make it more difficult for the F.D.A. to issue new rules, but it’s unclear how it would affect the vetting of coronavirus vaccines.

1 year ago
CREW Letter Details DeJoy's Conflict of Interest Breaches - CREW

Today's Swamp Creature, Louis Dejoy:

All of us have seen the signs in the front yards of the President's admirers bearing the slogan, "Drain the Swamp". Informed voters recognize that this slogan ... See more

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's participation in meetings on business he hold stock in run counter to his obligations under conflict of interest law.

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