Fulton PA Democrats

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Fall Dinner for Fulton County Democrats

Join us on Saturday, November 2, 6:30PM at the Hustontown Fire Hall for our Fall Dinner. Tickets available at the Dinner.

Chair: Joy Dasher, jdasher@centurylink.net

Committee Meetings (monthly) - 7 p.m, Third Thursday of each month, for more info, call: 717-491-9281

Club Meetings (monthly): 7 p.m., Second Tuesday of each month, for more info, call: 717-485-3386


121 South 2nd Street
McConnellsburg, PA 17233


County Level


  • Paula Shives
  • Irvin Dasher

State Level - Superior Court

  • Judge Dan McCaffery
  • Amanda Green-Hawkins
  • Ann Lazarus (for retention)

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2 months ago
Evonomics: The Next Evolution of Economics

For decades, we've been weakening the pricing power of laborers. Market forces are indeed at play, but the playing field is highly tilted towards large employers.

Political Economist Blair Fix: "Neoclassical economists proclaim they have the answer. The lawyer, they say, produces 50 times the utility as the janitor. Ask economists how they know this, and ... See more

2 months ago
Analysis: In 2019, Republicans Have Rejected Three Election-Security Bills


Republican senators appear determined to keep election security bills from reaching a vote in their chamber.

2 months ago
Civic Action

The Democratic majority in the house has voted for this. What do you think will happen when it reaches the Senate?

There is no logical argument against allowing the government to negotiate lower drug prices.

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