Fulton PA Democrats

Basic Info

Primary Election for PA

Primary will be held June 2

Our County Chair: Carolyn Kligerman, mckligerman@gmail.com, (717) 331-3349

Normal Meeting Schedule (regularly scheduled meetings currently on hold, due to pandemic):
Committee Meetings (monthly) - 7 p.m, Third Thursday of each month, for more info, call: 717-491-9281

Club Meetings (monthly): 7 p.m., Second Tuesday of each month, for more info, call: 717-485-3386


121 South 2nd Street
McConnellsburg, PA 17233


State Level Endorsements for Fulton County

  • PA 13th Congressional District - Todd Rowley
  • Auditor General - H. Scott Conklin
  • Attorney General - Josh Shapiro (Incumbent)

National Primary Candidates

  • President - Joe Biden

  • Sample ballots for Fulton County can be found here.

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