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Fall Dinner for Fulton County Democrats

Join us on Saturday, November 2, 6:30PM at the Hustontown Fire Hall for our Fall Dinner. Tickets available at the Dinner.

Chair: Joy Dasher, jdasher@centurylink.net

Committee Meetings (monthly) - 7 p.m, Third Thursday of each month, for more info, call: 717-491-9281

Club Meetings (monthly): 7 p.m., Second Tuesday of each month, for more info, call: 717-485-3386


121 South 2nd Street
McConnellsburg, PA 17233


County Level


  • Paula Shives
  • Irvin Dasher

State Level - Superior Court

  • Judge Dan McCaffery
  • Amanda Green-Hawkins
  • Ann Lazarus (for retention)

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2 weeks ago
Todd Rowley 2020

Todd was with us last Thursday, and we helped provide some signatures for his candidacy petition. Go Todd!

Thank you to the Fulton County Democratic Committee for hosting a petition signing event at FCDC HQ in historic McConnellsburg this evening. I enjoyed staying for your regular monthly meeting and ... See more

2 weeks ago
Trump Outlines a Significant Social Security Cut in His 2020 Budget

Block grants will hand off responsibility to states to administer these programs. That may sound great to those who prefer more local/localized management. However, states would have to raise taxes ... See more

Despite promising no cuts to Social Security, the president's budget proposal seeks to make one key change to the program.

2 weeks ago
What it’s like to be a Democrat in the reddest county in Pennsylvania

Being a Democrat in Fulton ... See more

Fulton County is Trump country, the reddest of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. And it has only gotten redder — except for Michael Purnell.

1 month ago
Corporate Democrats Desperately Want a Sanders-Warren Feud

They should build it up, both of them. Stoke the controversy. Then, have a summit where they mutually scold the media and make complete amends.

With the Vermont senator leading in Iowa, the party is pulling out all the stops to prevent a progressive from winning the nomination.

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