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Chair: Joy Dasher, jdasher@centurylink.net

Committee Meetings (monthly) - 7 p.m, Third Thursday of each month, for more info, call: 717-491-9281

Club Meetings (monthly): 7 p.m., Second Tuesday of each month, for more info, call: 717-485-3386


121 South 2nd Street
McConnellsburg, PA 17233


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1 week ago
The Years Project

The infamous (not infamous enough) Luntz memo.

Republican climate change denial began long before President Trump. A leaked Republican strategy memo helps sheds light on how we got to where we are today. #YEARSproject

1 month ago
Elizabeth Warren’s book, The Two-Income Trap, explained

A book that should be revisited:

"Warren’s central argument in the book is that this rise in household income was almost entirely driven by the increase in the number of two-earner families. And ... See more

Before she was a politician, Warren wrote a controversial book about family life and economics.

1 month ago
Shutdown over Trump wall demand threatens food, tax, transport and more

It's almost like there's more risk inherent to the shutdown than there is in waiting/working for a unified front on the wall. 🤔

As president says government closure could last months or years, key services are coming under threat

2 months ago
The People For Bernie Sanders

We can see how these approaches work comparatively in our families and other local institutions. Why do we think that in a shrinking world, that the world of nations would be an exception?

On point.

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